The word “Rei-ki” means “Universal Life Force Energy” From what we know, Rei-ki dates bank thousands of years, but it was rediscovered” in Japan in the 1800’s by Dr Mikao Usui and gradually spread through his students to the West.

This method of healing uses touch in order to conduct energy through one person to another or indeed to oneself. Rei-ki is able to balance the body’s energy in the body is not properly balanced (due, for example. To deep emotional upsets). Blockages occur. In this state of imbalance, disease can easily invade the body. Rei-ki has the ability to remove such imbalances and blockages. When properly balanced. The body does not need to exist in a state of DIS-EASE/ When a person is not physically available to receive Rei-ki, the Rei-ki practitioner can also “send the healing – distance and geographical location are not a hindrance.

This form of healing provides an alternative that is effective alone, or in conjunction with other healing programmes. It easily compliments Western medicine and Holistic medicine and is particularly useful for those engaged in forms of personal growth therapies, since it works not only on a physical but also on a very deep subconscious level too. What is particularly wonderful about Rei-ki is that it is so simple, natural and gentle. It is not necessary to understand it, to benefit from it! Your body merely takes the Rei-ki energy and places it, where it needs it. The Rei-ki practitioner merely acts as a “channel” to send the healing energy.

The pace of modern living makes many people push themselves to extremes – both mentally and physically – resulting in a great deal of stress. In this state the body is unbalanced. Rei-ki is an excellent way to remove this stress and redress the balance in both the mind and body. This “universal life force energy” also has universal applications; it can be used on people of all ages; it can help rid the body of all kinds of health problems – nothing need be considered beyond its reach; it can even be used to help and heal animals and plants.


A Rei-ki treatment is given whilst you are lying down, fully clothed on a healing bed. You can remain clothed because Rei-ki is able to penetrate great depths (as well as distances), including the plaster casts of people with broken limbs. The Rei-ki practitioner will place their hands on the body of the person receiving the Rei-ki; these positions correspond to the main body organs and the Endocrine System. The practitioner will keep their hands in each position for a minimum of five minutes in order to allow the Rei-ki energy to be drawn in as needed by the recipient. Recipients are usually able to sense the transmission of energy by the heat radiating from the practitioner’s hands, often accompanied by a tingling sensation. Everyone reacts differently during a treatment; some people release trapped emotions and cry, others laugh; some feel aches and pain for a short time while trapped energy is being released; all these things are a very positive part of the healing process. There are those who simply fall into a deep sleep.


Each person receiving Rei-ki will draw the amount of Rei-ki energy that meets their individual requirements. The practitioner merely acts as a “channel” for transmission of Rei-ki; it is not a draining process since the source of the energy is the Universe. Not the practitioner. Just as people react differently DURING a treatment, so they can also react differently AFTERWARDS. Most commonly recipients feel relaxed, calm and refreshed by the end of the treatment. The body will need to lay down and sleep afterwards and there are also those who feel so energized they want to rush about and tackle all the things they have put off doing for so long!

After a period of time (which, again, will vary with each person), you may be surprised to find just how deeply the Rei-ki treatment has affected you – it not only helps restore good physical health, but has a way of contacting and releasing emotions formerly trapped on your subconscious, helping you to face and transform them. Many people feel a sense of release and relief, resulting in a wonderful feeling of joy and elation. All in all, the end result is a healthier balance in both mind and body.