The History of Qi Gong

The History of Qigong demonstrated in a traditional qi gong pose

The History of Qigong in a Posture – Be Part of Happy Heaven/Happy Earth

Historically Qigong forms part of Traditional Chinese Medicine practice. It is this profile that has brought it into the West’s healthcare and alternative medicine applications. Its proven ability to enlighten an individual’s mental outlook, physical health and spiritual state are proving a very effective antidote for modern living. 

The History of CFQ Qigong is a continuous development for more than 20 years by its founder, Master Yap. He has published numerous articles and books on its uses and benefits. The publications promote the long lasting effects of CFQ healing that occur because of the movements and the principles behind them. These have been refined over time with endless practice by Master Yap. 

CFQ Qigong moves an individuals focus towards letting go any attachment to events or things. This is a very common condition in the modern materially conditioned world. Qigong provides an old answer to a new problem. By reducing the amount of Heart Energy expended Qigong promotes less attachment to the real world. This has been described as ones conscious reaching for a transcendental state. More popularly in modern terms, classified as a meditative state that promotes self healing and harmony.  

History of Qigong Practice

The practice history of Qigong can be traced back millennia in China and the Far East. Cosmic Freedom Qigong can be viewed as a powerful and very effective modern application of a traditional discipline. Tailored and refined by an exceptionally gifted student of life, Master Yap.

CFQs historical development and success has been in western parlance, ‘grass roots’. CFQ evolved through Master Yap and a worldwide network of dedicated followers. Who are encouraged to share their learning and experiences in an open forum of exchanges that continues today to promote the evolution of CFQ Qigong to new levels. Under the guidance of Master Yap, CFQ Qigong provides a true platform for its practitioners to improve themselves and the world around them.    

Qi Gong Structure

CFQ Level One consists of a series of simple movements. It is particularly suitable for people who regularly spend a lot of time thinking and concentrating and find it hard to switch off afterwards.

CFQ Level Two consists of a series of more advanced movements and meditation. It is particularly suitable for people who regularly practice their CFQ.