Bowen Therapy Treating Conditions

Bowen Therapy can help treating conditions such as;

·         Back & Neck pain ·         Tennis elbow & golfers elbow
·         Nerve pain ·         Pelvic misalignment
·         Arthritis ·         Repetitive strain injury
·         Sciatica ·         Headaches & migraine
·         Sports Injuries ·         Hormonal imbalance
·         Frozen shoulder ·         Stress
·         Fibromyalgia ·         Respiratory conditions
·         Carpal tunnel syndrome ·         etc
Bowen Therapy Treating Conditions Such As Diaphragm Tightnes

sTreating Conditions With Bowen Therapy Including Visceral Issues

Please consult your doctor if you are unsure on any issues or symptoms. The therapist will liaise with your doctor if required with your permission’ should the need arise.


Managing Stress With Bowen Technique

Another key use of Bowen is in the treatment of stress. The treatment plan for a person suffering stress will be different. They would see their therapist up to 4 times a year, e.g. at 3 monthly intervals. The emphasis here is on ‘managing’ the condition and not a cure. This is another example of the flexibility of Bowen. If you are suffering from stress call Yvette on 07973 638050.


Bowen’s Method For Dealing With All Conditions

Bowen is a holistic therapy and treats the person as a whole; promoting homeostasis within the body. The treatment is not restricted to just the condition that is prevalent; often underlying imbalances and issues need to be addressed.

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Bowen Therapy Use For Sports

It is becoming common for a growing number of athletes and their physios to use regular Bowen Technique. The treatments enhance performance and attain a reduction in the regularity of injury, especially the recurrence of the same injury. The recovery from an injury is facilitated by the Bowen Technique by bringing rapid symptom and pain relief and promoting a quick return to the sports activity. Every athletes primary goal!