Bowen Therapy Technique

Bowen therapy technique is a form of soft tissue therapy that is very gentle and relaxing. It promotes realignment and balance within the body. To do this it uses subtle moves directly on the skin or through light clothing. Bowen utilises neural stimulus and the body’s nervous system to trigger the body into healing itself for a wide range of conditions.

Releasing a hip with Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy for Hip Release

Bowen Therapy Techniques

The Bowen technique is a type of light-touch therapy and there are no heavy pressures. It also contains no moves or manipulations that are made on hard tissues e.g. bone. There is no force therefore used on the skeletal structure. This makes it ideal for individuals who are not keen on manipulative or invasive therapies.

All the techniques are very refined in their application. Mostly using a rolling motion of the therapist’s hand at key points on the body. Some produce immediate effect, whilst others take a few hours or so to work fully.

There is no use of oils or needles in the Bowen Technique and it is also classified as a drug-free remedial therapy.

Bowen Therapy technique for releasing the upper shoulder muscles

Releasing the shoulder muscles using Bowen Therapy

As the treatment is gentle it is also suitable for use on children as well.

Note. It is advisable not to have any other therapies 7 days before and after your Bowen Therapy. This is to allow the healing to take place.

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The Bowen Technique is defined and practiced through the and is also known Bowen Technique or the Bowen Facial Release Technique.

The Origins of Bowen Therapy Technique

Thomas Ambrose Bowen developed the original Bowen Technique in Australia. Bowen has been derived from several established therapy areas including muscular skeletal structure, soft tissue manipulations and massage therapy. Making it a true complementary therapy and not a derivative of a primary medical discipline. Initially it was used in the treatment of muscular skeletal conditions but its potential quickly became evident and it is now used to treat a very wide range of health conditions.